Monday, August 07, 2017

Race and gang membership

I ran across this self-report study of youths in seven cities. According to my calculations, Hispanics are 3.3 times as likely to be gang members as whites. For blacks, it's 3.1 times more likely. And these estimates include a lot of wannabe gangsters, so the racial/ethnic gaps are likely to be larger among serious gang members. Not surprisingly, the researchers find that members of gangs commit a lot more crime than people not in gangs. Gangs are not just social clubs. 

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Jim Bowery said...

Ch 8 – War as Humanity's Hereditary Curse of E. O. Wilson's "The Social Conquest of Earth" describes human gang behavior as originating in the CHLCA. What Wilson, and virtually all of the Alt Right folks get wrong is why Europeans are less prone to gang behavior. Wilson gets it wrong by ignoring it. Alt Right folks get it wrong by presuming that group integrity is evolutionary progress as opposed to the evolutionary regress it is. Wilson's omission is understandable as he is trying to fit in with the moral zeitgeist that is all about Africanization of the world. The Alt Right folks get it wrong by commission and in this respect may be properly thought of as the vanguard of Africanization in Europeans since they are injecting into the culture of individual integrity an ideology that confuses the state of war -- in which group integrity is essential -- with the state of peace.

I'm getting rather sick of dealing with this by argument, as people are _very_ hard of listening/reading about it and insist on stuffing me into a box with Locke/Rand/Hayek -- all of which can't even begin to think about the importance of sexual selection to the explosion of life's diversity over 600 million years. The moment I mention anything about male intrasexual selection, their limbic systems explode and rational discourse is impossible.